To capture such a monumental moment for your high school senior, the goal is to not just give them a great looking photo, but also give them the opportunity to show everyone who they really are. From traditional to creative, showcase your senior's unique personality.

$25 Retainer Fee will assure you get the date and time you choose.

(Retainer fee is not included in the session price.)


Mini: $185 - one location, one outfit (8 edited photos)

Bronze: $240 - one location, one outfit

Silver: $360 - up to two locations, two outfits.

Gold: $430 - up to three locations, three outfits.

Free previews for Gold Sessions within one week of the shoot date.

*Senior Mini Sessions w. Alt. Photographer: $160 -one location, one outfit (8 edited photos)

*Bronze Senior Session w. Alt. Photographer: $220 -one location, one outfit

*If Jojo is unavailable as a photographer for your desired session date, our studio offers availability for sessions outside of Jojo’s full schedule with our Alternative Photographers. Alternative Photographers are highly skilled professionals who have session availability outside of Jojo’s booked schedule. These photographers meet clients on-site and then collaborate with Jojo and his editing team to process your photos, to provide you with Jojo’s Photos & Studio-styled photos.

Each outfit normally takes roughly 45 minutes.

A $20 gas fee will apply outside of a 30-mile radius from our studio.


Here at JoJo's photos and studio we can also provide Hair and Makeup services by licensed professionals that are well versed in customizable services and cleanliness for your senior. To find out what we charge for each service, make sure to mention that in your inquiry. View our Hair and Makeup services here: Hair & Makeup Applications | jojosphotosandstudio (


The studio could be considered one of the locations, but not mandatory. For in-studio Senior sessions, where you would like a more fashion-focused/edgy look to the photos, there is an additional fee, starting at $25, for the hiring of a photography assistant for the session (not optional).

For each outfit, you'd get 15+ edited downloadable photos.


Photos within 7 days: $25

Photos within 24 hours: $40

6+ photos for Full Sessions, 4+ photos for Mini Sessions

PRO TIP: The closer your session is scheduled to sunset (Golden Hour) the better your session lighting will be. The goal with sunset shoots would be to finish up your session as close to sunset as possible. Here is a sunset calculator for you to use to calculate sunset times for your selected session date.

(Remember, each outfit/location takes 45 minutes, plus drive time in between locations)

Sunrise and sunset times in Minnesota, USA (

*Payment method is subject to change.