To capture such a monumental moment for your high school senior, the goal is to not just give them a great looking photo, but also give them the opportunity to show everyone who they really are. From traditional to creative, showcase your senior's unique personality.

$25 booking fee will assure you get the date and time you choose.

(Booking fee is not included in the session price.)

Mini: $100: one location, one outfit (6-8 edited photos)

Bronze: $175: one location, one outfit

Silver: $250: up to two locations, two outfits.

Gold: $300: up to three locations, three outfits.

Each outfit usually takes roughly 45 minutes. 

My studio could be considered one of the locations, but obviously not mandatary. 
For each outfit, you'd get 10-15 edited downloadable photos.

*Payment method is subject to change.

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