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Meet Our Studio Staff

Hey! My name is Natalie! I have been working at the studio for 3 years now. I am the studio HMUA as well as the boudoir photographer. I have been perfecting my craft in photography for 8 years, hair and makeup for almost 7! In 2015 I attended Aveda Institute for cosmetology so that I could properly learn hair and makeup techniques. I was doing photography on my own and then I met JoJo. He took me under his wing and taught me so much more about photography, I am happy to say that he continues to be my mentor! I am happy to be working at the studio under JoJo and learning more every day!  

Hi, my name is Rachel! 
I have loved photography my whole life but really jumped in about 3 years ago. Fun facts about me: I love camping, fishing, and anything to do with the outdoors. Aside from working at JoJos Photos & Studio, I also work full-time at an orthodontic office. Jojo has taken me under his wing and has taught me nearly everything I know! 
So pumped to be an alternative photographer for Jojo and excited to meet you all!

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