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Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Sign up for our Rewards and Loyalty program!
You must be signed up and registered within our program to receive referral rewards and loyalty benefits. To sign up for Rewards and Loyalty programs, please reach us at with your full name, telephone number, and contact email!  

Loyalty Terms and Conditions

  • $25 reward per $300 spent

  • Rewards will be tracked by phone number and sent by email

  • Retainer fee, travel fee, paid previews, payments by gift certificate and wedding packages are not included toward your total spent. (Rewards cannot be used to pay for these services.)

  • Purchase of a gift certificate or eGiftcard does count toward your total spent with us

  • Rewards are stackable but cannot be used on top of other discounts

  • Rewards do not expire

  • Rewards cannot be gifted

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

  • $25 reward per referral

  • Referrals can be made 1x per NEW client

  • Referral rewards are granted AFTER the client referred by you completes their first shoot

  • You must be referred specifically by name to receive a referral reward

  • No limit on referral rewards. Tell all your friends to let us know who sent them!

  • There can be no referrals made by spouses, or those sharing the same household. 

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