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Clothing and Prop Donations

Jojo's Photos & Studio is a privately owned photography studio located at 27 Main St W, Isanti, MN 55040
We strive to not only create and capture beautiful and meaningful moments for our clients, but we also aspire to be a forerunner in our community and to lead by example.

A new addition to our involvement in our community has arrived! 

Jojo's Photos & Studio is asking the members of our community, and our patrons, to take part in an upcycling program coordinated by our studio. We are looking for new additions to our in-studio wardrobe, props, and artistic/aesthetic pieces to be used and featured in upcoming photo sessions! 

Do you have any outfits you no longer wear? Are you wanting to declutter storage? 

We are looking for gently used clothing, seating, lighting, and props to include in our rotating prop inventory! 

We would like you to feel welcome to reach out to the studio if you have items you no longer would like to keep, for use in upcoming photo sessions! Each month, we are looking to recycle and upcycle items from members of our community, by asking our patrons to donate to our studio!


Your item or outfit could be featured in modeling portfolios, small business advertisements, or photo sessions! We would like to give credit to everyone who has donated when posting photographs on social media, please include your name, your city of residency, and contact information when submitting your item for the donation!


Not only will you help Jojo's Photos & Studio expand our in-studio inventory, but you are also contributing to boosting local involvement in recycling and repurposing through your donation. 

We invite you to submit photos of your items and donations addressed to Amber at for review, and during the last full week of the month, you will be contacted about your items accepted for donation and to set up a drop off time at the studio. 

You will receive a shout-out when your props/outfit are used in photo sessions, and you will be able to feel good about donating to a local business as well as minimizing waste. All props and outfits will be on a rotating schedule, and when they have been utilized to their fullest capacity, Jojo's Photos & Studio will donate all items that we can to local resale shops instead of simply throwing items away. Minimizing waste, repurposing some of your favorite items, and helping to build an inventory within the studio for use in upcoming photo sessions. 


There will be a $5 voucher given for each accepted item donated to use towards a photos session with Jojo's Photos & Studio. (5 items? $25 off of your photo session that can be redeemed within one calendar year of your donation date!) You will receive a voucher with your discounted amount at the time of your donation, issued by a studio staff member. 

We are looking for unique pieces of furniture, either as a stand-alone pieces or as a set. Outfits and clothing are welcome for all sizes and styles. Jewelry, seasonal items, centerpieces, lighting, and any other aesthetic-based items are welcome for submission. Please include any wear or damage information when submitting your items to be reviewed for the donation! 

We wish that we would be able to take all items provided by patrons and the community, however, there will be a selection process based on the needs and requirements of the studio. 

We would like to wholeheartedly thank you for your involvement and contributions to our studio!

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